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Visions and Goals

The goal of establishing ACSLS is to promote and develop studies in fields related to learning sciences. The strategic alliance between NTNU and PSU is expected to contribute to interdisciplinary research in learning sciences. With the expertise and experience on both sides, the research results are expected to be applicable in actual educational settings to foster talent in students and researchers, and it is hoped that they will influence education practice eventually. The vision for future development has been mapped out in terms of both short-term and mid-term goals.

The short-term goals are to accomplish the proposed research projects in this proposal in the fields of language science, science learning, and learning technology. With regard to the industry-academic cooperation, all e-learning platforms and systems developed by this research center will be commercialized. As for the academic publications, NTNU and PSU will jointly publish an international journal and a series of books dedicated to Chinese language development and reading research, and establish a writing vocabulary and character database for Chinese language learning.

The mid-term goals focus on improving the relevant industries of education and social policy making. In Chinese language learning, the objective is to promote Chinese language teaching strategy and advertise the e-learning platform for Chinese language learning aimed at users from a wide range of backgrounds. With regard to the teaching strategies, e-learning platforms and systems developed by the transnational research center will be joined with the strategic operations of the Research Center for Psychological and Educational Testing (RCPET) and the National Research Center for Testing and Assessment (RCTA) to lead changes in educational strategies worldwide. In the interest of internationalization, this research center plans to continually expand its international cooperation research network and extend research topics and directions to include all fields. We expect to develop into a top international research center for learning sciences. From its strategic alliances with other world-class universities, the Center will carry out internationally integrated projects to explore subjects concerning learning sciences and to construct the research foundations of learning sciences.