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NTNU Research Center Directors

Kuo-En Chang
President and Professor, Graduate Institute of Information and Computer Education, NTNU
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Professor Kuo-En Chang is one of the principal investigators of the research team and the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, such as the NSC’s Outstanding Research Award. He is also the director of several research teams, including the e-Learning and Digital Archives Program and the Center of Excellence for e-Learning. He has developed 17 different learning tools, and he has recently been researching the concepts of the mapping-based learning system for reading, computer-assisted learning, and e-Learning for language acquisition.

Chin-Chuan Cheng
Academician of Academia Sinica
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Professor Chin-Chuan Cheng is a renowned linguistics scholar, an academician of Academia Sinica, and currently the Chair Professor of the Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. Professor Cheng has made significant research contributions in the fields of computational linguistics, Chinese dialectology, digital archives, and e-Learning. Professor Cheng’s research on A Synchronic Phonology of Mandarin Chinese has contributed significantly to the advancement of research theories in both the study of Chinese language learning and contemporary phonology. In his early years, Professor Cheng pioneered research on Chinese phonotactics that explored the restrictions of the language to explain the variations and changes in Chinese phonetics. His findings provided evidence and explanations for variations in phonetics and dialects, which led to the development of a Lexical Diffusion theory that later followed. Professor Cheng’s theory, which explained human cognitive linguistic ability through the quantitative approach, called the Active vocabulary upper limit 8000, was originally developed for the Chinese language but has also been proven useful in English language research.

Yao-Ting Sung
Director of the Research Center for Psychological and Educational Testing, NTNU; Professor of Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling, NTNU
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Professor Yao-Ting Sung is the Dean for The Aim for the Top University Project at NTNU . He has received numerous prestigious research awards such as NSC’s Outstanding Research Award. Professor Sung is also the head of research teams involved in studies of text readability, diagnostic assessments, e-Learning, and career assessments. He is also involved in the planning of projects such as COOL Chinese, Science Education Research Development White book, and National Science Literacy Planning. The CRIE that Professor Sung has developed has made substantial contributions and advancements in reading education.