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PSU Research Center Directors

David H. Monk.
Professor of Educational Administration and Dean of the College of Education, PSU
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Research Interests:

He consults widely on matters related to educational productivity and the organizational structuring of schools and school districts and is a past president of the Association for Education Finance and Policy and the winner of its 2010 Outstanding Service Award. He was the Executive Committee Chair of AREA Organization of Institutional Affiliates (OIA) (2011-2012).

Ping Li
Professor, Department of Psychology, PSU
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Research Interests:

Cognitive neuroscience; psycholinguistics; bilingualism;, and computational and neural mechanisms of language acquisition. He was president of Society for Computers in Psychology (2011-2012) and editor of the renowned journal Bilingualism: Language and Cognition (1998-2002).

Jacqueline Edmondson
Associate Vice President and Vice Dean for Undergraduate Education, PSU
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Research Interests:

Reading education policies; critical theory; pedagogy; and rural education.