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International Workshop on Advanced Learning Sciences

With funding from Taiwan’s National Science Council in 2013, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) and Penn State University (PSU) established a joint research center, the Advanced Center for the Study of Learning Sciences (ACSLS). This center emphasizes three major research fields: language sciences, science learning, and learning technology. Through strategic alliances with the world’s top universities, ACSLS is looking to promote international integrated projects on the learning sciences and to construct a solid research foundation for them.

The research teams of NTNU and PSU are able to continue the communication and to share the research results by direct talks on the occasion of annual IWALS meetings organized jointly by the two universities. Both sides will provide diverse perspectives and share their experiences Moreover, through the face-to-face talks it is possible to learn more about each other’s research environment and team members, with sufficient time to exchange opinions. In the future, further development of relevant research and academic alliances are planned, including construction of a platform for the instructors and researchers to exchange opinions, in hope of continuously strengthening the partnership and the sharing of joint research.

The 2nd International Workshop on Advanced Learning Sciences
(IWALS 2014)
Date: 2014/7/16~2014/7/17

Venue: International Conference Hall – Room 202, College of Education Building, NTNU

Agenda: download PDF

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Information on the 1st International Workshop on Advanced Learning Sciences (IWALS 2013)