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System Platform Development
  Second Life

    To respond to the trend of Digital Natives, Dr. Yu-Ju Lan, Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Chinese Language and Culture, led a research team and created NTNU’s own 3D online virtual Second Life (SL) environment and virtual avatars, Virtual Shida Island, which provides real-time interactive online Chinese learning.

    Teachers can create a tailor-made learning environment that is immersive, dynamic, interactive and student-centered in order to meet students’ individual needs. This allows students and teachers in different countries to interact online in a Chinese learning environment that mimics real-life scenarios. The integration of text, audio, video, interactive scripts and other multimedia teaching materials can simulate real-world dialogues and be used in lesson plans, thereby providing students with comprehensive language learning.

    With Australia’s Monash University and Griffith University, a large-scale SL Chinese-language mobile learning research project has been worked on. An NTNU research team is also working with PSU on the influence of a Chinese learning model on American students’ Chinese vocabulary learning in SL virtual environment. Through the use of brain imaging and cognition, it is possible to determine the brain processes of American students’ Chinese vocabulary acquisition.