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System Platform Development
  Digital Games for Vocabulary and Idiom Learning
    Under the collaboration of the research team led by Prof. Jon-Chao Hong and Associate Professor Yeu-Ting Liu, learning by playing digital games helps the learners use the idioms correctly and makes learning fun. The learners’ ability in language expression and application is expected to be leveraged, while their cultural knowledge, logical thinking and reading and writing abilities improve. Five games have been developed so far. Among them, Fishing Vocabulary, Idiom Solitaire, and Chinese Character Spelling have been patented. There are two apps developed and the apps have been published on both iOS and Android interfaces. Learners can study Chinese classic poetry and literature through the games. This research team also works with NTNU’s Mandarin Training Center and provides Chinese learning assistance to the children of the new emigrants who lack entry-level Chinese communication ability, in hope of strengthening human resources as well as digital idiom learning.
    撈語樂( )
    華語部首拼字遊戲( )
    師大心臟病( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=heart.threecharacter.classic )
    師大就就我( https://itunes.apple.com/tw/app/xue-hua-yu-shi-da-jiu-jiu-wo/id583726745?mt=8 )