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International Talent Cultivation
 Editors of Local and International Journals
  1. Prof. Yao-Ting Sung is the Editor-in-Chief of NTNU’s Journal of Research in Education Sciences and Bulletin of Education Psychology. (TSSCI)
  2. Prof. Chun-Yen Chang is the editor of Studies in Science Education. (SSCI)
  3. Researcher Yuan-Hsien Tseng has been the Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Computational Linguistics and Chinese Language Processing since 2008.
  4. Prof. Chin-Chin Tseng is the editor of Journal of National Taiwan Normal University.
  5. Prof. Hsueh-Chih Chen is the editor of Psychological Testing, Journal of Chinese Creativity Association, Bulletin of Special Education, and Journal of Educational Practice and Research. (TSSCI)
  6. Asst. Prof. Yu-Ju Lan is a member of the editorial board of Global Chinese Journal for Computers in Education.