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Science Learning

    NTNU’s science learning team has made significant achievements in exploring effective learning in the context of technology-driven learning environments. The team possesses solid research and development capabilities in areas such as learning environments, innovative assessments, and technology-integrated teaching. Their research expertise includes image processing, computer vision, video processing, and a digital archiving system. The team has also developed various intelligent systems, such as somatosensory, speech/face recognition technologies, which could be incorporated into teaching and learning activities in the Smart Classroom 2.0. Hence, the Smart Classroom 2.0 would be able to provide real-time detection and a record of teaching and learning progress in class. Led by Professor Chun-Yen Chang, the automatic grading system has been awarded as one of the 50 greatest achievements in the past 50 years by the NSC. Research papers on innovative assessment tools and learning environments have been published among the top 5% of SSCI/SCI journals in fields of education, such as Science Education.